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Unlocking Operational Excellence: Smart Services in Action

Discover the transformative power of Smart Services in industrial optimization. Explore compelling use cases and revolutionize your operations. Dive deeper with our whitepaper!

In the dynamic field of industrial optimization, Smart Services emerge as catalysts for transformative change. Let’s explore three compelling use cases that underscore the power and flexibility of these innovative solutions.

Efficient Energy Management: Revolutionizing Potato Storage with Smart Services

In the new reporting of the EMMA Service, you can now display EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicator – energy consumption per selectable metric, e.g. kg, ton or number of unit) based on your devices.

In the first scenario, a snack manufacturer had the challenge of efficiently storing tons of potatoes in cold stores, a substantial energy cost. Seeking to reduce electricity consumption without compromising refrigeration, especially during the movement of potatoes, the company utilized EMpro meters and Rogowski coils.

Leveraging the EMMA Service for energy data acquisition and seamless integration with via the Device Management Service, real-time monitoring of energy consumption per kilogram of potato became possible. The energy management team optimized logistics processes, determining ideal quantities and storage conditions for maintaining required refrigeration with minimal energy. Beyond local benefits, accessing energy data from international locations connected to unveiled further potential savings, empowering data-driven decisions for modern cooling systems.

Strategic Navigation in the Face of Rising Natural Gas Prices: A Smart Solution

Digital Factory Now Dashboard Time Series Data Serivce on Proficloud (1)

In the second scenario, soaring natural gas prices posed a significant threat to manufacturing companies. Facility managers sought effective strategies to save or replace natural gas, considering the impact on production costs and potential competitive disadvantages. Phoenix Contact’s tools provided a solution. By networking gas and electricity meters via, companies gained real-time visibility into consumption. The evaluation of time series data empowered fact-based decisions, enabling companies to identify areas for savings and make informed choices regarding technology upgrades or replacements. Armed with precise consumption data, companies can strategically navigate the current natural gas landscape, making informed decisions for sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.

Blade Intelligence: Ensuring Wind Turbine Efficiency and Safety

The third scenario delves into the challenges of modern wind turbines, where comprehensive monitoring, especially for rotor blades exposed to high loads and potential wear, is crucial for ensuring plant efficiency and safety. Phoenix Contact’s Blade Intelligence, a comprehensive solution monitoring rotor blade conditions, enters the scene. Wireless sensors, detecting ice, temperature, lightning, loads, vibration, damage, and imbalances, provide crucial data for predictive maintenance. This solution, available in multiple variants, ensures sustainable maintenance management and efficient retrofitting for existing turbines. The LM-S lightning current measuring system, integrated into Blade Intelligence, enhances transparency during lightning events, providing precise data for preventive maintenance and insurance purposes.

These use cases exemplify the transformative impact of Smart Services. For a deeper dive into these solutions and two more compelling scenarios, download our newest whitepaper “Smart Services – 5 Use Cases”. Discover how you can revolutionize your operations and enhance efficiency with these innovative services.

Streamlining Energy Management with Smart Services

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