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Welcome “back” to the world of Industrial Internet of Things! PROFICLOUD is already since 2020 – with more functions and more possibilities to make data from the Industrial Internet of Things usable! ist not available anymore. You can create a new account for and check the migration guides on this page.

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Since the beginning of 2020, Phoenix Contact has been offering an even easier way for small and medium-sized companies to address the topic of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Previously, the industrial company already offered a cloud platform (, which proved to everyone in the company, partners and customers that the topic of cloud in the industrial environment has relevance and arouses interest.

The new cloud platform focuses on everything a cloud platform needs. Whether it is continuous further development, publicly and easily accessible information about the platform and smart services, or a special focus on usability – combines all these things to make entry into the diverse world of the Industrial Internet of Things as simple as possible and promising in the long term.

To see that the switch is really worth it, we have listed the main benefits here and, of course, created and made available the migration guides for the Time Series Data Service and the Impulse Analytics Service.

Know exactly the benefits of

Available after 2022

Continuous development

Service Store

Easy booking on via invoicing

Comparison-description of Smart Services and their functions

Time Series Data Service
The Times Series Data Service enables users to access, monitor, and track process data anytime and anywhere.

Time Series Data Service
Integrated Alerting Feature

Time Series Data Service
API access to Time Series Data

Impulse Analytics Service
The Smart Service Impulse Analytics and the IoT-enabled devices ImpulseCheck are the world’s first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the field of mains protection.

EMMA Service
Energy Monitoring, Management, Analytics: Smart energy management – anytime, anywhere

Device Management Service
The Device Management Service offers standardized, application-independent device information in real time.

Device Management Service
Remote Firmware Update

Device Management Service
Health status of device

Device Management Service
Digital name plate

E-Lerning for and its Smart Services

Frequently asked questions for each Smart Service

Migration Guide Time Series Data Service will be deprecated end of 2022. will be the replacement for and the Time Series Data Service will be available there.

Migration Guide Impulse Analytics Service will be deprecated end of 2022. will be the replacement for and the Impulse Analytics Service will be available there.

Deprecation notice Profinet Service

The Profinet service will not be available on and will be deprecated on the 4th of September 2022.