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EMMA Service

Our EMMA Service team has introduced the new type of chart to identify patterns or data with consumption issues. It provides a visual representation of consumption making it easier to identify patters and resolve problems.

Update: New functions in the EMMA Service at the beginning of the year

The EMMA Service has released several new features in its 1.11 update, including a table view function for easier data analysis, a heatmap for identifying consumption patterns and issues, and a new method for cost and CO2 analysis. Usability improvements include the ability to change widget titles and improved navigation. These updates optimize EMMA Service usage and increase resource monitoring and management efficiency.

The future looks bright - with trees and real estate: Update in the EMMA Service

The future looks bright – with trees and real estate: Update in the EMMA Service

It’s time for something new again, our team responsible for the EMMA Service thought, and has released a new update for the Smart Service on In update 1.10, the Smart Service offers many new features, nested metering points, new summation features, and much more that has been requested by customers – because that’s how good development works, based on user feedback and current requirements.

Featured Image - Phoenix Contact Smart Business - Proficloud - Optimization of usability and focus mode

Interruption-free work or: “Focus mode” available

In addition to new features that are regularly published on, our UI/UX designers and usability-enthusiastic colleagues are particularly happy when usability can be increased. This involves, for example, general improvements to the usability of the platform.